Sharing the Sample Love!

A couple of weeks ago I got a very generous selection of yarn samples from one of my suppliers. I was over the moon and a little bit overwhelmed too, as there were SO MANY! Having a full time job and running VYS means I don’t get much time to be crafty these days so how on earth was I going to make use of all these gorgeous yarns? Most of my craft time happens on the bus, or in other stolen, fleeting moments and that’s not enough time to get through all that (although hoarding is always an option)!

samplesThis is where Rosie comes in. I came across Rosie on Instagram and she goes by the name Bedcrafter​. Rosie has taken that name as she has chronic health conditions that mean she often can’t make it out of bed and I was really touched by her story. She’s an avid crocheter and is vegan too, and after a little exchange on Instagram I decided that she would be the perfect person to share some of the samples with!

Last week I sent some yarns out to her (some we already stock and some we’re considering) and, as luck would have it, they arrived on her birthday which I was super stoked about!

Here are a few pictures from Rosie’s blog of what she received. If you’re interested in finding out more about Rosie’s creative exploits you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and her blog.

Keep it crafty,

Sign off small


One thought on “Sharing the Sample Love!

  1. Thank you 🙂 I’m really looking forward to helping you test out these lovely yarn samples and a big thank you for choosing me to help, it really means a lot :). I appreciate you sharing my links here and I’m looking forward to blogging about all these lovely yarns. Rosie 🙂 / Bedcrafter

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